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Chatted up with this house wife from Singapore in her mid 30s. Her name is Jeslyn. She usually came online after sending her toddler child to day care in late morning. Not a looker but was friendly and nice to chat with. As usual, I maintain a neutral attitude by chatting any topics she brought up. Went on for couple of months, when she began to touch on private topics like if I have ever dated any married women. Here we go…

But first I had to determine her intention by sharing with her my other experiences on YM chats by asking if she will request a guy to strip on cam for her. With her reply that she actually wanted to ask me but didn’t dare to ask…. I knew she was ready somehow. Then on following chats I began to ask if she mind chatting with me if im topless, she didn’t object so I took off my top and continue to chat as usual. Gradually, she began to ask if I will chat to her if she wants to see me stripped off every piece of clothes on me… so here we go.
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Sexy and horny Housewife from Singapore

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Finally, she asked if I want to see her strip as well… how could I refuse. Now she got so comfortable that she started to request that she watch me musterbate as we chat. From then on our chats got more fun and interesting. Never once did I ask her to do anything she don’t feel comfortable.

By now we were like old friend and always almost naked whenever we chat….

If I had been impatience, we would not have progressed to become regular chatter. It was from experience that I knew I can’t be too persistent if I am looking for medium to long term chats. Hence, building relationship is the key to knowing some of the most fun and attractive girls on Yahoo messenger.

Not long after she began to get comfortable on cam with me, i began to ask discreetly if she would find time to meet up for a drink in the afternoon after sending her child to school. And i always mention JUST for a drink or coffee only unless she has other plans. She wasn’t too enthusiastic about meeting at first but soon got warmed up to my invitation only after about 2 months. Eventually, she was the one who invited me to coffee at Starbucks at Bugis Junction.

The meeting was scheduled on a thursday 1.30pm. As with other appointments with other chatters, chances are she would not show up but she did on time. After exchanging greetings and buying our coffees, we just chatted away with any topics under the sun and very little of naughty chats. That was my intention as i didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable. The first meeting went very well and enjoyed each others companionship at the coffee shop and before we realized, hours had passed and she has to go pick up her kid. So we parted our ways with promise for another coffee talk.

we continued chatting on line and an occasional meeting over coffee, i tried my luck by asking her direct if she agrees to meet up in a hotel where we chat instead of over cam for once and i wont touch her but she could touch me if she wants to. To my surprise, she agrees right away and requested that I wear my thongs!!! So the next day, we met up in town and proceeded to a nearby hotel, I bought some snacks and drinks in case she feels uncomfortable. Guess what, she felt so comfortable that she went straight to take a shower. She was removing her clothes as she walks towards the shower room!!! She requested that i do a strip show for her… the fun begins. As promised, i didn’t lay a finger on her, just her hands all over my ass and groin area. She was having her fun, had me blind folded and teasing me in every way… all of a sudden, i felt wet and warmth sensation over my dick. i couldn’t see if she was naked but who cares, she was giving a damn good sexy horny Chinese girl blow job. So good that she made me cum so fast in her mouth that felt like less than 5 minutes!!! She was so good at it that i don’t feel her teeth on my skin, just her tongue and lips around the shaft of my cock. Think she swallowed my cum and before i could remove my blind fold, she was giving me another round of horny chinese girl blow job again… throughout the first and second blow jobs she gave me, i didn’t touch her even on her skin. Before long, she made me cum in her mouth again!!! she only remove my blind fold as she cleaned up my dick with her tongue… licking up every last bit of cum on me… DAMN… SHE WAS DAMN NASTY GOOD!!! I was speechless until she showered me. Even as she shower me, she never stopped giving me her horny blow job until she helped me wear my jeans back and zipped up.

A week or 2 later, i tried to ask her out to meet at hotel again and she agreed immediately. this time i asked if i could touch her anyhow i want and she nodded and gave me a sexy and horny smile. once in our room, we went wild and rolled all over the place, just as i tried to undress her that i noticed she wasn’t wearing anything under her clothes… not even g-string. WOW!!! i said and i went into a frenzy that i went straight to humping her only to stop long enough to put on a condom. she was loud but very sexy and horny, she made me do her in almost every possible positions until my last and final cum… i only see a slight hint of cums in the condoms. Think i changed condom three times in about 2 hours.

Sexy and horny Malaysian girl
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On the 3rd time we met, she gave me a very big surprise. She has me blind folded and had me licked her till she cum a few times. Then she turned around and start giving me her best horny girl blow job in various positions until i was over her head with dick in her mouth…. suddenly i felt a cool and slippery feeling on my anus. the next moment, i felt something with a round tip was being pushed harder and harder against my anus!!! so i ask what was that and she just tell me to relax as she was giving me a anal massage. following her instructions, i began to relax more as she continues to suck on my dick and at the same time something penetrated my ass after some rythmic thrusts!!! felt some pain at first but soon it became so pleasurable that i got the biggest cum loads. my orgasms was so intense that it paralysed me for a few minutes as she sucked me dry. its was an lubed 8-inch long and an inch thick japanese cucumber that she pushed into my ass!!! Since that day, i was introduced to anal-massage which i had never dare to try it myself. I told her that I would like to introduce sexy and horny Malaysian girl Alice to her and perhaps the 3 of us could hang out together some time…

As with other chatters, she just faded away after a few more meet up fun without knowing why…. I guess they were just curious about this thing and once they got a taste of it they got bored or felt bad in some way. Just hope they still and having a good life. Cheers to these wonderful and fun girls :),,,,,,,,,,,,

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