Road Trip With Son

Road Trip With Son – “Are you sure you’re okay to sit on Adam’s laps Maura. I know this is not how you want this trip to start?” Mark asked.
“Yes, Mark, that’s fine, as long as you do not drive like a madman,” I yelled back to my husband. He’s so stupid sometimes, he really packed way to many gear. And now I have to sit on my 19 years old son’s lap. At least I will not too hot. When Mark was not looking, I slipped into a nice dress and even take off my pants. I have not been so naughty since before I married.

I looked down at my son, “Sweetie you’ll be fine with your mother sit on your lap. I know this is not the most comfortable situation.”
“It’s okay Mum” Adam  replied. “as long as you do not lean on one side too much, I should be fine.” Oh my brave boy. Willing to sacrifice comfort for me, I had to find something to buy him while we were on vacation.
“Now let’s take this journey on the road.” my husband shouted. As he turns the radio up and start the engine.

Couple of hours on the road. So far not too comfortable sitting on the Adam’s lap. But a few minutes ago, I began to feel a strange sharp object piercing my ass. I shifted left and right to try and unlodge it. “Mum stopped it,” Adam said. My cheeks turn red with embarrassment. It must be my son’s penis. Oh dear. Now I can not stop thinking about my own son’s penis poking me.

You see I have not had sex in months since my husband says I should stop acting like prostitutes. And more like a respectable woman.

As we continue to drive in silence, Mark drove over big bumps, OOMPF! Suddenly I felt Adam’s  pants slipped down a bit as his body rose from the lump. But with me sitting on his lap means the pants did not move with him. Oh, now my dress rubbing his cock right where my pussy was. It is not good. I then felt his cock start to get bigger, I wonder if Adam realized what was happening.

Suddenly Adam move themselves to try and get comfortable and even pushed his cock against my pussy. Ooh, that felt really good, I think my pussy began to moisture. An idea began to form in my head. An idea that is very taboo and curly. Can I use my own kid for pleasure, I know I really need a good pounding. And feeling of his cock, it was bigger than his father.

 – My pussy kept dripping as I imagined myself fucking my son. While my husband drive in. I hate to admit it, but it really turns me on. I then slowly lifted my dress and cold air blowing my pussy. Ooh, I really need this, I need to use my son for my own pleasure. My son grabbed my shoulder “Mom what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry honey, mothers really need a release, I’m so horny.”
I then pushed the big white cock into my pussy. Hhhm, ooh yeah. It feels so good, I heard Adam was moaning quietly behind me. “Are you two okay in there ?” my husband asked.
“Oh Babe, it’s just a little hard climb back here” I quickly said.
“Well we can have a quick stop immediately.”
“No rush.” I groaned back.

I then pushed back against my son’s dick. “Come on Adam pushed back against me., I need a damn hard since your father never gave. ” Adam began to push into my pussy.

“Ohh yes baby, fuck mom, mom really needs a good hard cock to please. You can fuck me but not cum in my pussy okay?” My son looked at me and with my eyes closed, slowly nodding his head. “Good boy.” I whispered while watching my husband who sang along with the radio.

As Adam I continued to fuck my wet pussy I think that we can make a regular thing. I know that after feeling my son’s 8 inches cock I could never go back to my 4 inches husband. Even if he wanted to fuck me, which he did not. Suddenly my husband yelled out “There is a pit-stop. We will stop there for food and toilet breaks.”

Fuck, why should we stop now? I think I can get my son to finish me off in the public toilet. I told my son to take his cock and act normal.

“Well honey, how if you’re ordering us some food for Adam and I. would go to the toilet break.”
“Okay, but while you are there take off your dress. You look like a whore .”
Fuck him, I think. I’ll wear whatever I want.

 – I took my son’s hands and dragged him to the bathroom. “Mum, what are you doing?” I bent down and pulled my shirt. “hurry up and fuck me, Adam, fuck this pussy until I cum over you.”

Adam grinned widely at me and quickly pulled down his pants. His big white cock flops out. I licked my lips as my pussy juice dripping onto the floor. “Shove in my slutty pussy and make me your whore.” I screamed, my passion is really out of control. My son continued to pound my pussy as I thrust into his cock. Suddenly we both heard footsteps outside and Adam covered my mouth with his hand. And continued to push quietly into me.

“Maura, Adam. Do any of you there?” My husband yelling while his own son fucking me. I feel Adam’s cock throbbing in my pussy as my husband yelled out. “Hmmpf they should be back in the car.” I heard him say.
“Your dad’s gone. Now fuck my slutty pussy Adam. Cum in my pussy and make me your whore!” I shouted without thinking about the consequences .

“Ooh mom, your pussy feels so good.”
Suddenly I felt my son’s cum gushed into my slutty cunt. “Oohhh yes, Adam, I can feel your cum inside me, it was so hot and thick!” I shouted.

Adam then slowly pulled out his cock out of my battered cunt and smiled at me.
“Can we doing it again sometimes ,” he whispered.
“Of course honey, mom’s slutty pussy is hardly satisfied. I predict a lot of fucking in your future. ” I laughed because I dip my finger into my stuffed cum pussy. And slipped into my mouth, moaning loudly in flavor.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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